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I'd heard about hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my first child but I didn't look into it for some reason. But when I got pregnant again I was really desperate to have an easier labour. And I met Mary. And she was so passionate about hypnobirthing. She didn't make any grand claims about it. She just made it sound really simple.

And so I did the course with her, with my husband, and she was so lovely - just being around her makes you calm! [My husband was a little sceptical at first but he was sold from the very first relaxation we did. In fact he fell asleep!] 

Mary taught me how to completely relax. And I used her techniques from the moment I went into labour until the moment Ada popped out. And it works - it's incredible. And I know it works because I've done it with Mary and I've done it without and, trust me, you want to go with Mary!

I had the most wonderful birth. Ada was born at home in a pool, we were out under the stars most of the night. It was magic. And it's an experience I'll be able to relive and cherish for the rest of my life [- and hopefully it's a narrative that will give Ada confidence too one day.] We owe all that to Mary - she's amazing. 


Stephanie Stansbie

My husband and I attended Mary’s course to prepare for the birth of my second baby. My first labour in the previous year was medicalised. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and I was determined not to go down that route again. Hynobirthing allowed me to have the natural birth I wanted and it was a fantastic experience.


Hypnobirthing is about learning to relax one’s mind and body, to allow the body to do its job naturally. When we first attended Mary’s course, the cosy atmosphere in the room and Mary’s warm nature was immediately apparent. We were able to relax immediately.


During the course, we were taught the concepts of hypnobirthing and had lots of opportunities to practice them. This is a course for couples, but men needn’t feel left out. Mary was very good at making my husband feel involved and even managed to convince my cynical husband that hypnobirthing works by making him practice it on himself! We left the course armed with hands on tools and techniques and written material, and felt optimistic about my impending labour.


The birth of my daughter was a great experience. Even though we brought our course material with us to the hospital, I didn’t need it. It was as if my mind and body already knew what to do. The labour lasted 10 hours and I felt in control of my labour all the way. The midwife told me afterwards that when she first saw me, she thought I had an epidural and was sleeping because I looked so relaxed during contractions. She was surprised to find that I wasn’t using any pain relief. As I had a natural labour, I was able to recover very quickly and was back on my feet in no time.


I’d definitely recommend Mary’s hypnobirthing course. Thanks to her I now have happy memories of my second birth.


Fei Frisby







Doing the Hypnobirthing course was the best gift we could have given ourselves and our son. Being our first child, the course allowed us to experience the whole process of the birth as well as the pregnancy in a very natural, peaceful and loving way. It took away any fear, doubts or apprehension we may have had.
In addition to the actual hypnobirthing philosophy, having Mary take us through the course was the key to its success, she was fantastic. She was very professional, competent and catered exactly to our needs. We really enjoyed doing the course with Mary and her support and guidance right through the whole process gave us the encouragement and confidence as first time parents to have the natural, joyful birth we wanted. The course was very inclusive of partners and we felt that we both had equally important roles in the preparation and birth of our son.
We were thrilled that we were able to have the loving, natural birth that we had hoped for, welcoming our baby into the world in a happy, positive way. As a result of using the hypnobirthing techniques Mary taught us, the labour and birth lasted less than 4 hours with no stitches or complications and our baby had an Apgar score of 10. After all the practise, my husband was so good at using the techniques that the midwife delivering joined in with him, using them as well. She later commented that the hospital should employ him as the techniques were so good and effective!
All three of us are extremely grateful and indebted to Mary for the gift of Hypnobirthing that she gave us!  

Natasha El mualim

Mary introduced me to HypnoBirthing at the beginning of my first pregnancy. She lovingly offered me her copy own copy of Marie Mongan's book to read, without any pressure or judgement. I am glad that I read it but wished I’d done the course! The techniques (breathing, visualization) for childbirth resonated with me, as did the more positive and loving terms suggested to replace the words (and thereby emotions) that have come to dominate childbirth.


During my second pregnancy, I did the course with Mary (with my husband in attendance) to prepare me properly for birth. I think that my birth story speaks to how useful her sessions were - at 2 pm I went into the city centre to run errands, at 6:20 pm my daughter was born! At the age of 40, I had a straightforward delivery, no complications, I even preferred just using breathing techniques to the gas and air offered! I know that part of the ease of this delivery was because of the relaxation and breathing techniques that Mary covered and practiced with me. I am grateful that I had that opportunity, and I look back on our sessions (and the delivery!) with a sense of joy.


Naseem Alizadeh

Mary not only created a calm, relaxing and peaceful environment for the sessions, she approached the topic professionally, yet with a warmth and kindness that immediately put my husband and I at ease. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced as she has been offering hypnobirthing courses for quite some time now, and even practiced it herself with her own labours; which was wonderful, as she could relate to what I was going through. 


The sessions were an excellent way to take control of my pregnancy and labour. It taught me to trust my body, to be confident in myself, and to really understand the beautiful, yet unpredictable process of labour. As a generally anxious person, these sessions taught me the skills to approach labour in a non fearful manner, which was not only helpful for myself, but I am sure was beneficial for my daughter as well. 


Despite my labour not going as I had planned, I utilised the skills I gained in Mary’s sessions to help me get through some uneasy moments. My husband and I worked together and it was really wonderful to see what we had practised actually working and paying off.


I highly recommend Mary’s hypnobirthing course, it was invaluable – you will not regret it!


Negar Pucks

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